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At HZ Law, in New York City, we assist our clients with co-op and condo disputes. Whether consulting with our clients or reacting to an escalated dispute, we will advocate for their best interests in resolving problems associated with co-ops and condos that occur on a daily basis.

At HZ Law we assist with the establishment of co-ops and condos and represent cooperative boards, as well as shareholders. We provide trusted counsel when a condo or co-op board is put in place. We negotiate management agreements and outside vendor contracts.

Our background in real estate law and willingness to fully examine and possibly employ a careful negotiation strategy in lieu of simply litigating a matter has greatly benefitted our clients many times. We are often able to arrive at solutions faster as a result, saving our clients from paying exorbitant legal fees for courtroom litigation. However, if the matter can only be resolved in court, we represent our clients with absolute loyalty and diligence.

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  • Bankruptcy and Creditor(s) Rights

    We provide representation to property owners and developers facing bankruptcy, as well, to help them safeguard their business interests.

  • Commercial Disputes

    Commercial disputes involving real estate can be complicated legal matters involving multiple parties and high‑dollar damages.

  • Mortgage Foreclosures

    At HZLAW, we handle all aspects of the foreclosure process, from the initial preparation of the case to the final surrender of the property back to our clients.

  • Co-op and Condo Conversions

    Co‑op/condo conversion plans must be developed according to strict rules established by the Attorney General’s office.

  • Landlord Tenant Disputes

    For our clients, we bring an experienced depth of knowledge of the rent regulatory laws such as the Rent Stabilization Law and Code, Rent Control and Loft Law, and landlord tenant disputes.

  • Real Estate Transactions/Financing

    We can facilitate the entire process, from preparing and reviewing all contracts and coordinating financing with the bank, to performing title reviews and attending the closing on your behalf.

  • Co-op and Condo Disputes

    At HZLAW we assist with the establishment of co‑ops and condos. We provide trusted counsel when a condo or co‑op board is put in place.

  • Leasing

    Leases are structured for our clients, landlords, small property owners, tenants, small business owners, retailers, and restaurant owners, to protect their immediate and long‑term interests in the property they own or possess.

  • About Company

    HORWITZ & ZIM LAW GROUP, P.C. (“HZLAW”) is a general practice firm specializing in Real Estate, Corporate Law and Civil Litigation in New York.