About Horwitz & Zim Law Group, P.C

HORWITZ & ZIM LAW GROUP P.C. (”HZLAW”) is a general practice firm specializing in Real Estate, Corporate Law and Civil Litigation in New York. We are corporate and general counsel to cooperatives and condominiums located in New York City, as well as to other commercial and residential real estate ventures including transactional matters.


Our Areas of Specialty

HZLAW is and has been general and litigation counsel to various other commercial enterprises in New York. Our clients have included architectural firms, restaurants, not-for-profit corporations, design and audio-visual design firms, distributors, exclusive sales agencies, and commercial contracting corporations.

Federal Tort Reform Bill

The New York State Bar Association, expressing grave concern over what it views as congressional encroachments on state law and criminal procedure, has taken aim on two pending measures — a proposed tort reform bill that has already passed the House of Representatives and a controversial measure that would largely eliminate federal habeas review of many state court convictions.